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Preschool Kindergarten

Preschool: Baby Seeds (Ages: 6 months - 25 months with Parents)



Circle Time

This is the time we come together as a group and greet each other. This is an opportunity for babies to interact with the teachers both in the group and in individual settings. Selected song & dance activities will expose the children to English and let them have fun while their bodies move along with the music. Furthermore, our phonics song will develop their sound recognition.

Physical Education

We have games especially made for babies, for example, "Crawl & Grab," "Baby Obstacle Course," and others. Babies can move their body, feel the excitement, and learn at the same time.


Babies are just as artistic as we are. We introduce them to a variety of painting techniques, such as sponge painting, finger painting, along with making foot print pictures by dipping their feet into different materials.

Puppet Talk / Story Time

In a relaxed atmosphere, we use puppets, speaking in English, to get the babies' attention. For Story Time, we read stories that the babies can enjoy with their parents.

Good-bye Circle Time

We make a circle and say good-bye one to one, maintaining a peaceful environment for the babies.


Time Table


15:50-16:00 Circle Time
16:00-16:10 Physical Education
16:10-16:25 Arts and Crafts
16:25-16:35 Puppet Talk / Story Time
16:35- Goodbye Circle Time

Tuition & Fee Infomation

Entrance Fee :32,400yen (tax included)
Facility Fee :0yen
10 times ticket :27,000yen / 10times (tax included)

Admission & Enrollment

For prospective students, the parent needs to come with the child to take a trial lesson(\1,500) and discuss their educational goals.

We can also talk about the school's goals and accept the child if the parents support our goals.

Please bring a picture of your child (3.5x4.0cm) and fill out an application form.

After the child starts the term, there are no refunds.