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Concept for Afterschool

This class is designed to help participants improve their communication in English. We place the students according to their level in specific groups and implement a detailed plan to help each child reach their English goals in the following areas: speaking, reading, and writing. These three hours offer quality individual time, as well as group time where the students can practice and learn English in a comfortable environment. In addition, nearly-native and native speakers will have time to work on their homework from their international schools, along with improve their reading and writing skills. For these special students, our school can also provide them with a place to increase their English ability to stay competitive in their own learning environment. All of our students, during our group time, will learn and/or improve their English skills through a variety of fun and educational activities. Overall, our after school class is a time where any student can improve their English skills to help them excel in the future.

Afterschool Curriculum

Speaking Time

It is essential that the children have a specific time when they can speak English. During this section of the afternoon, we place the students in groups, according to their speaking level, and teach them one specific grammar point. At our school, we have a detailed teaching plan that we follow to ensure that our students learn the basics of English speaking. For those students who are nearly-native or are native speakers, they are in their own group and with the teacher's guidance learn how to express themselves in more complex ways from daily conversation to presentation skills. We believe this time presents us, the teachers, a chance to help our students excel at speaking English.

Reading time

Learning how to read English is a skill that even non-native speakers can achieve quickly. Throughout our reading time, we separate the students into different reading levels. For those who can not read, they work on phonics by playing a variety of fun, interactive games. For early readers, with help from a teacher, each student in the group reads a sentence from a book aloud. We believe that group reading helps the students gain confidence in their reading, and if they make a mistake, their fellow classmates or the teacher can help. For confident readers, they can pick their own book and read on their own out loud with some assistance by the teacher, who can help the student learn proper intonation and also check the student's reading comprehension. Even though a student can not read in the beginning, we will guide him/her through the process of reading, and eventually, he/she should be able to read long sentences and complete books.

Writing time

This is yet another time when non-native speakers can find a place where they can excel. As always, we will split the children up into different groups according to their writing level. Along with our speaking time, we have created a detailed list of objectives that we want our students to learn. These objectives include: how to write the alphabet, spelling simple and eventually more complex words by using phonics rules, and starting to learn and understand English grammar and eventually doing journal writing. Not only are these three basic points pivotal to increasing children's understanding of English, but also help children improve their speaking and their reading ability.

Optional classes

For children who already posses basic English skills, we provide several optional classes to enhance their level of English. For example, an advanced discussion class called "Current Events" where the students share and discuss news articles with each other. We also have a journal writing class where students are given specific instructions to help them write better sentences, paragraphs, and essays. Furthermore, we offer other classes that expand students knowledge in Science and History.

Eiken classes

We have classes for students who are planning to take the English Proficiency Test, Eiken. Learning Tree is an autholized testing place for Eiken levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 (levels 2 and 3 - written only) by the Japan English Proficiency Testing Organization.

Private class

Private lessons accelrate your progress at all levels. If you need help with your homework, want to learn a particular theme, and/or desire to study one on one, we can create an individual curriculum for you.

Time Table

Hours: 15:00-18:00 (3hours)
Maximum number of students: 6~7
Ages: 4-15 yrs.

15:00-15:40 Speaking Time Reading Time Writing time Speaking Time Reading Time


15:50-16:30 Reading Time Writing time Speaking Time Reading Time Writing time
16:35-17:15 Writing time Speaking Time Reading Time Writing time Speaking time
17:20-18:00 Speaking Time Reading Time Writing time Speaking time Reading Time

Tuition & Fee Infomation

Entrance Fee :Kiba/Tsukishima 36,720yen (tax included)
:Nishikasai 32,400yen (tax included)
Facility Fee :Kiba 5,400yen (tax included)/term
:Tsukishima 4,320yen (tax included)/term
:Nishikasai 3,240yen (tax included)/term
Material/Insurance 3,240yen (tax included)/term



Spring Term
Fall Term
Winter Term
6classes/week/term 113,400yen 137,700yen 97,200yen
7classes/week/term 127,008yen 154,224yen 108,864yen
8classes/week/term 139,104yen 168,912yen 119,232yen
9classes/week/term 149,688yen 181,764yen 128,304yen
10classes/week/term 158,760yen 192,780yen 136,080yen
11classes/week/term 166,320yen 201,960yen 142,560yen
12classes/week/term 177,811yen 215,914yen 152,410yen
13classes/week/term 188,698yen 229,133yen 161,741yen
14classes/week/term 198,979yen 241,618yen 170,554yen
15classes/week/term 208,656yen 253,368yen 178,848yen
16classes/week/term 220,147yen 267,322yen 188,698yen
17classes/week/term 231,336yen 280,908yen 198,288yen
18classes/week/term 242,222yen 294,127yen 207,619yen
19classes/week/term 252,806yen 306,979yen 216,691yen
20classes/week/term 263,088yen 319,464yen 225,504yen
21classes/week/term 273,067yen 331,582yen 234,058yen
22classes/week/term 282,744yen 343,332yen 242,352yen
23classes/week/term 292,118yen 354,715yen 250,387yen
24classes/week/term 301,190yen 365,731yen 258,163yen
25classes/week/term 309,960yen 376,380yen 265,680yen

Admission & Enrollment

  • 1. For those who are interested in our school, please call to schedule an appointment. During your visit, our teachers will give your child a placement test, and you can try out the class that matches your child's level. The placement test and the trial will cost ¥3,000. We only accept children who are motivated and parents who support our policies.

  • 2. If we both agree that Learning Tree is the best place for your child, then we will give you the certificate of admission and an entrance packet.

  • 3. After you receive your certificate of admission, please follow its instructions to complete enrollement. The certificate of enrollment is only valid for two weeks from date of issue.